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Anorexia, Bulimarexia, Bulimia

Oh the countless times

I’ve threatened to leave you,

To rip us apart at the seam.


But what would happen

If I lost all my air,

Spun around uncontrollably,


Then flattened

Like a played balloon?

Whether you suffer from anorexia or bulimia, there comes a point when the eating disorder starts to define you. You’re so used to thinking about or engaging in your eating disorder 24/7, that you’re not sure who you’ll be without it.  You’re afraid that if you give up the behavior, you’ll lose control of everything in your life and spin around uncontrollably “like a played balloon.” 

Who are you without the eating disorder?  Are you scared to find out?


The way I treat an eating disorder is to ignore it.  After our initial consultation, I’m not going to talk to you about your diet. I won’t give you a meal plan, monitor your purging, your use of diuretics or exercise – unless your behavior becomes so severe that you need medical intervention.


Instead, I will focus on the traumatic emotions that fuel your disorder and the thought processes that perpetuate it.  We will discuss which therapeutic tools you feel safe using and go from there. 


I know how frightening it can be to think about giving up your eating disorder and I will never push you to do that.  My goal is to help you feel strong, self-assured, and joyful.  Let’s achieve that first… and then talk about food. 

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