Therapy Services

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Adult & Adolescent Therapy

I combine a psychodynamic model with trauma-informed techniques, grounded in neuroscience. I use EMDR, IFS (Internal Family Systems) and AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) to help you reprogram maladaptive neurological pathways and respond to life with more ease and exuberance than you ever thought possible. At times, I may use art, drama, or psychodrama in my work as well, depending on your needs. 


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Child Therapy

I received my first MA from New York University in Drama Therapy. So I am skilled in using drama/play as well as art therapy to help children work through issues ranging from a single traumatic event, to divorce, bullying, difficulty socializing, adjusting to a new school and more.

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Couples Therapy

In a troubled relationship, the problem is never one person’s fault. It’s not even both people’s fault. The problem is a maladaptive pattern the two have developed. When treating couples, I first help partners identify how each is contributing to the maladaptive interaction pattern and the emotions that pattern is triggering. I then work with the couple to figure out how that pattern developed. Often each partner is unconsciously recreating his/her/their own negative attachment to a parent or even acting out their parents’ marriage, alternating in the roles. 


After the negative pattern and emotions are identified and expressed, couples develop more empathy for each other’s childhood pain and are more open and responsive to replacing old, negative patterns such as “pursue-withdraw” or “criticize-defend” with new positive ones. Thus the relationship becomes a loving safe haven for both partners in the future.



Group Therapy

Do you recreate the same negative patterns of behavior with all your partners, friends, bosses, or co-workers? Would you like to be able to study those patterns in a safe space and figure out where they came from and how to change them? Well that’s exactly what Group Therapy does. In Group Therapy, you will recreate every problematic relationship you have in your life with the others group members. Trust me, it will happen. But this time, you will be able to examine how and why your relationships are problematic and try out new behaviors that will change them. Then you will take what you learn in Group Therapy into your life and change your love and work relationships for good.

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